Child Monitoring and Reporting to Parents

We work closely with parents from the time of their enquiry. We advise parents to take advantage of Home Visits, where the child’s allocated Key Person visits the child at home and so that the child might become familiarised with him or her and thus lessen any separation anxieties a child might have, before they are admitted to the nursery; this is optional, but it reinforces the relationship between nursery and the home.

On joining the nursery, each child is allocated a key person. If parents take advantage of our Home Visit service, the Key Person will be in attendance. Whilst all staff interact with all the children at the nursery, the Key Person is a named member of staff assigned to an individual child to support their particular needs, promote their development and act as the main point of contact with that child’s parents. For this reason, each Key Person spends time with their parents to find out as much information about the children in their care as possible. Staff at Regent Nursery will have Key Person Responsibility for a small number of children.

Once a child has settled into nursery life, we observe their development and learning style and frequently give verbal feedback to parents. This can be in an informal manner, when the parent drops off or picks up their child or more formally during our termly Parents’ Evenings: Every term the Key Persons and relevant parents meet to discuss their child’s progress and the next steps for their learning.

One of the main methods of tracking progress and development at Regent Nursery is the Learning Journey. If a child joins us before their third birthday, we carry out the Two Year Old Progress Check and share the results with the parents.

If, for any reason, we feel a child is not meeting their developmental milestones, we will, with the parents’ agreement, seek advice from outside agencies (speech and language etc) to ensure that the child gets any additional help, they may need.

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